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New Warranty report which includes Device Location

Hi,I am trying to create a report that shows assets that are out of warranty by a set time.  I have modified a previous report that I found to include the Asset Location The Asset location is set here for each asset Sometimes there is an asset which ...

Report.jpg location.jpg Location Missing.jpg

Adding more info to asset report

Hi,I've seen following report and in need of adding more info to it. I'm trying to add Fist name, Last Name and email address attached to username. I need to cross reference with other sheet but having just username from this report greatly increa...

Lance by Engaged Sweeper
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report in defined period

Hello,Could you help me design a report that would allow me to see all the connected computers over a defined period of time.example: all computers connected the last 15 days.It must be very simple but I can not find it.thank you in advance

CHIREC by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Limit reports to AD folder

First let me apologize for asking such a fundamental question. I have setup my scanning targets correctly so I only see "my machines and users"However all reports are not filtered and I get results for all machines and usersIs there a way to limit th...

Mowi by Engaged Sweeper
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Show Assets with multiple Ports

Hello everyone,i tried to change the default switch report, that it shows me assets, wich have multiple ports. (e.g. if you change the Lan port on your computer, it shows the new port and the old one in the switches) At the moment my report shows all...

FischbachM by Engaged Sweeper II
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Helpdesk Closed Ticket Report with Custom Fields

I am trying to export ticket data out of lansweeper upon resolution/closing. I have successfully ran a closed ticket report for the last 30 days but in doing so I wish to include custom fields in my criteria.The first of these fields is called: Outsi...

smartinez by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Helpdesk Report - Show content

Is it possible to show the content (text only) of a ticket in a report?What table is needed therefore?Attachments like pictures are not needed, presumably it's not possible either.

lurchi by Engaged Sweeper
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New connected Ports on a Switch

Hello everyone,i haven´t found it in the custom reports so far, and i´m really interested in a simple report, wich shows me the new connected assets to my switches.I need a list of devices wich are new connected (e.g. within the last 2 days) to a Por...

FischbachM by Engaged Sweeper II
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BIOS version check

This report looks for the most recent BIOS version scanned in your network for each model and lists computers having an older BIOS version installedMeets the following criteria:- Active Windows computers- BIOS version not the same as the highest vers...

Daniel_B by Lansweeper Alumni
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