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Patch tuesday report April, computers not up to date

Hi,After moving my lansweeper from SQL Compact to SQL express there are 4 assets that are not up to date according to the report. When looking in Windows there those computers are up to date.It is 3 Windows 10 1809 and one Windows Server 2016 1603. A...

Johnny by Engaged Sweeper II
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Windows Domain Overview report

I have been looking through some of the canned reports, but would like to be able to customize a report similar to the "Windows Domain Overview" widget, and the detailed report shown when a domain is clicked on within the widget.Thanks.

TekTok by Engaged Sweeper II
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Hard Drive Report

I would like to pull a Hard Drive Report which would allow me to see the manufacture date as well as the model and size and whether it's a SATA or SSD drive. I am trying to determine which drives are the oldest and replace them with SSD over time... ...

SecqureIT by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! PC Age

From one of the built-in reports, I created a simple report that gives me basic info about a filtered set of computers from our Lansweeper DB. I'd like to add a column that shows the current age of each computer in years (to one decimal place). I wan...

wdillner by Engaged Sweeper II
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Report CPU-,Memory-,Disk-,Network-performance

Hi,The report Top 5 CPU utilization gives a list of the top 5 assets which have the highest CPU usage.I'd like to add Memory-,Disk- and Network-Usage to the report and also expand the list to show all assets.I don't have much experience in creating r...

juergenD by Engaged Sweeper
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Get windows bios key

Hi,There is a way to get the windows key stored in bios? Not the productkey of the current running windows.My Goal is to see if i have a windows 7 computer with a windows 10 key stored in bios to update these computer to windows 10 at no charge.As wi...

thewhite by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Memory Upgrade

Hi,I am trying to create a report, similar to Memory Upgrade Report, but I want it to show me all the computers, not just the one that can be upgraded.My idea is to see, the assetname, OSname, Model, MaxCapacity, Memory, Slots used, Slots available a...