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Resolved! Page Count report split by Color and B&W?

I've been asked to use Lansweeper to create a monthly report showing how many B&W prints and how many color prints are being done for each copier in our business.  Lansweeper shows page counts, but I don't see any way to differentiate between b&w and...

Need help with report to filter out specific OS type

Hi,I need help with a report that will filter PCs that are missing certain software that are nor servers e.g. Win 2008, Win 2012, Win 2012R2 etc. So far I've been able to get all the machines that are missing the software but I cant figure out how to...

dgomez by Engaged Sweeper
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Scanning Targets and the number of Devices?

Does anyone have a report that will tell you how many devices are found on each of your scanning target subnets? I currently have 686 subnets being scanned and i believe some of them need to be deleted.Thanks,TJ

tj_lewis4 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Linux servers not listed in 'Server: All Servers' report

I'm new to Lansweeper, and know nothing so far about its data structure.First thing I notice after our first scanning tests is that our Linux servers are not displayed in the default 'Server: All servers' report. I tried to remove the Windows-related...

norbro by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Combine 3 reports into 1

Hi allI'm having trouble combining 3 reports into 1.In short i'm looking for a report to give all asset spec info.So to include - hostname, user, Make, model, CPU, RAM, graphics card, HDD total size, Serial number, Purchase date, Warranty expirationI...

tux182 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! IF THEN ELSE statement in a report?

I have the following query and it works fine as is. However, I need to tweak the line that states "Convert(DECIMAL(3),Round((tblProcessor.NumberOfCores * tblAssets.NrProcessors) / 2, 0)) As ReportLicenseQty"I need it so that if tblProcessor.NumberOfC...

Resolved! Computers Without User Relations

Hi,I would like to create a report that displays every Windows Computer without user relation please.Could anyone help me, please ?Regards.

y_aure by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! List of software by IPLocation

I've found the report called "List of Software by Computer" and I'd like to try to create something similar, I just don't know how... I need a report that lists all installed software by IP Location. We have 30+ locations and this would help a lot ...

sstegh by Engaged Sweeper
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Exclude or Include IP blocks in Report

So what I am wanting to do is either only include a few IP blocks in a report or exclude IP blocks from a report. I have an automated report I want emailed out however, I do not want all the information from the current report to go to the team. Just...

ddarlage by Engaged Sweeper II
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