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Server uptime for all equipment

Hello,I'm trying to create a report where the total uptime for every piece of network equipment is listed. This includes Windows servers, virtual servers, Linux servers, WiFi devices, NAS, firewalls, switches, etc. In other words, everything except t...

dimi3 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Where do reports go?

When I run one of the pre-built reports where can I view them? I click the "Run Report Now" button and agree to add it to the running queue, but can't find where it saves the reports.Thank you!

edwardsn by Engaged Sweeper
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O365 users, asset list

Hi,   We have a large amount of our staff working remotely.  I am looking for a report that can tell me active O365 users with a license to buisness standard, E1, E3, etc  and their assets.I know that I have assets that lansweeper doesn't know about ...

Archie by Engaged Sweeper II
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Report - VMware guest machines

First, I'm not liking the new layout or functionality of the forums.  I lost my previous account and I know I've posted and "Kudos"-ed several times in the past; this new layout is really hard to navigate for simple information and reference....simpl...

Finding Systems with a missing local admin

I'm trying to ensure that all systems have a dedicated local admin for Lansweeper. I found these 2 attached reports:Report to determine local admins per system.Report to determine software missing from system.I'm trying to merge the two reports to ge...

abustraan by Engaged Sweeper III
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