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Engaged Sweeper II

Hello Team,

I'm trying to learn LS Reporting using the Custom Views, while I have the report prepared I'm struggling with changing the Last Seen Date from 1, 2, 4, 5 Days to last Seen Date in DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS Format. 

I tried converting the Date to a different format but in vain, is there any help you can offer?


Date Time Format Help.png


Engaged Sweeper II

Hello I tried changing the Settings, however nothing changed. 

Apologies If I wasn't clear on my previous Post, below  is the exact use case


  • I'm building a New Custom Report
  • As part of the Report the last Seen column is returning values as 8 days
  • Instead of 8 days, I would like the date when the asset was last seen
  • Example Today-8 i.e. 06-03-2024 (DD-MM-YYYY) format
  • I did tried to do some edits in code however the end result wasn't achieved. 

If there is a simpler way of doing the changes, that will be helpful

Honored Sweeper II