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New Warranty report which includes Device Location

Hi,I am trying to create a report that shows assets that are out of warranty by a set time.  I have modified a previous report that I found to include the Asset Location The Asset location is set here for each asset Sometimes there is an asset which ...

Report.jpg location.jpg Location Missing.jpg

Privileged AD Users in Local Groups Report

I decided to analyze AD users for administrative rights on local machines and wrote this query with 3 levels membership: Select Top 1000000 tblassets.AssetID, tblassets.Domain, tblassets.AssetName, tblUsersInGroup.Groupname As local_adm_group_n...

Resolved! Select only red rows in a custom report

Hi all, Just created a new custom report that works fine where if the two conditions are true paint the rows on green and if one of them is not true paint the row red. So at this point, I need to only show on the report the red rows. Is that difficul...

Resolved! iDrac Info

Is the iDrac info from servers collected? If so what table is it in, i'd like to add it's IP to my custom inventory report.

BJaremco by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Report Request: Event Viewer Sources

I would like a chart that shows the top sources of errors in event viewer in the last 14 days on active assets only. I have tried it but something is still not right. Any help would be appreciated.

Lansweeper shows wrong up time data

Hi,We are using the free version of Lansweeper version v. and we have connect 50+ Windows 10 device and all of the running Windows 10 21H2. Only for a single Windows 10 device, we are getting the wrong up-time data as shown in the image belo...

IT_SMA by Engaged Sweeper
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Hard drive usage over the last 24 hours

Hi there.I am looking for a report that will flag any server where the used disk space on any of its drives has increased by say 40GB over the last 24 hours. Is this possible? I am currently doing performance scanning for all my servers but it is to ...

Resolved! Where do reports go?

When I run one of the pre-built reports where can I view them? I click the "Run Report Now" button and agree to add it to the running queue, but can't find where it saves the reports.Thank you!

edwardsn by Engaged Sweeper
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