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Page Count report split by Color and B&W?

I've been asked to use Lansweeper to create a monthly report showing how many B&W prints and how many color prints are being done for each copier in our business.  Lansweeper shows page counts, but I don't see any way to differentiate between b&w and...

Windows: Installed network printers (Built-in)

Added in v.6.0.100The report below lists Windows computers and any network printers that are installed on them.The report will only list assets that meet all of the following criteria:The computer's state is set to "active".The computer has been succ...

Nick_VDB by Champion Sweeper III
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Resolved! Duplicate Assets

I have about 900 Assets on site and am trying to create or modify the Warranty report to show the users full name not the login ID soon as i add tblADusers and check Displayname my Asset count jumps from 900 to 624078 Select Top (1000000) tsysAssetTy...

JZastow by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! SSD or HDD installed

Hi Forum!I need a report showing if the primary harddisk is a ssd type or a standard hdd. This is only importent for laptops where we want to install harddisk encryption.I tried the Report "Asset: Harddrive S.M.A.R.T. Status" but then I have to build...

lstejay by Engaged Sweeper
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Privileged AD Users in Local Groups Report

I decided to analyze AD users for administrative rights on local machines and wrote this query with 3 levels membership: Select Top 1000000 tblassets.AssetID, tblassets.Domain, tblassets.AssetName, tblUsersInGroup.Groupname As local_adm_group_n...

Resolved! Select only red rows in a custom report

Hi all, Just created a new custom report that works fine where if the two conditions are true paint the rows on green and if one of them is not true paint the row red. So at this point, I need to only show on the report the red rows. Is that difficul...