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Server uptime for all equipment

Hello,I'm trying to create a report where the total uptime for every piece of network equipment is listed. This includes Windows servers, virtual servers, Linux servers, WiFi devices, NAS, firewalls, switches, etc. In other words, everything except t...

dimi3 by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows Firewall

hello has anyone got a report witch would tell me all the pc that the windows firewall service is not disabled on Thank you

sbartley by Engaged Sweeper
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logon server

I'm trying to find a reportable field that will give me the same information as when I open a command prompt and type C:\>set l, which returns LOGONSERVER=\\CO-2k3-DC5. Is it possible I am overlooking it?

Jrobinson by Engaged Sweeper
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show username in report and customizing views overall

when you click digital dashboard, then a domain, is it possible to list machines the way they are, but also with the username field showing that information.In addition, the high priority list on the pcs, for example, no F-Secure installed!?!?! Can w...

jcorso11 by Engaged Sweeper
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Error after upgrade from 3.2 to 3.5

System.Exception: This page has a MM:DataSet, MM:Insert, MM:Update or MM:Delete tag with a null or empty value for the ConnectionString and DatabaseType attributes. Often, such values come from application settings in the web.config file. That file m...

NetAdminNJ by Engaged Sweeper
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Help with customized report

Hello, I am stumped, I tried to run a customized report that would show me the following:All servers (Domain controllers)All member servers (Non DC's)All Workstations (NON Servers)All portable WorkstationsIn that same report I would like to view the ...

Ismail by Engaged Sweeper II
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Terminal Server CALs

Does anyone have a way to get Lansweeper to find out which server is the Terminal License server and how many CALs have been purchased and how many have been allocated?Thanks,Niles

Pollak by Engaged Sweeper III
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