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New Warranty report which includes Device Location

Hi,I am trying to create a report that shows assets that are out of warranty by a set time.  I have modified a previous report that I found to include the Asset Location The Asset location is set here for each asset Sometimes there is an asset which ...

Report.jpg location.jpg Location Missing.jpg

how to del error report in report builder?

example: i build one report in report builder ,but after some days , i find this report name error ,i want to change this report name,or edit report name .but now, i only get one new report ,and the old report always exist in report builder .how to d...

BobbyChui by Engaged Sweeper
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Would like to see username instead of description

I'm trying to see if it's possible to either replace the "description" with "username" or just add "username" to all the auto reports built into Lansweeper. I'm sure this is possible however I don't know how to modify. any help would be much apprecia...

Terry by Engaged Sweeper
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report the presence of autorun.inf in the root of c drive

Hi,I am trying to indicate the presence of autorun.inf in the root of the c drive (conficker virus and others...). Has anybody has done that before? any way to get this done?i thought of using a simple batch file like:@echo offdir c:\ /ah |find "auto...

sg_it by Engaged Sweeper
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Report to show all installed microsoft software

' This is a sample report that shows all installed microsoft software' Always start the name of your views with "web30rep"'Create the viewCREATE VIEW dbo.web30repmicrosoftsoftwareASSELECT DISTINCT TOP 100 PERCENT softwareName as Software, softwareVer...

Hemoco by Lansweeper Alumni
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How to show a report on the main page?

Hi,Just created my first report (looking for PCs with Ie7 installed) and it works!My problem is that I prefer to use the web application to access that info. I called the report using HTML, and it works fine.How can I get the report to be one of the ...

sg_it by Engaged Sweeper
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