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Resolved! Page Count report split by Color and B&W?

I've been asked to use Lansweeper to create a monthly report showing how many B&W prints and how many color prints are being done for each copier in our business.  Lansweeper shows page counts, but I don't see any way to differentiate between b&w and...

External Harwdare Inventory

Hi i need know if is possible collect a external hardware type Monitor (with serial), Printer (with serial), etc , automatically.Else add it manually.Best regards

HDZinfo by Engaged Sweeper
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Logon History

Is there a way to view the logon history for both computers and users. I would like to create a report to see what computers a certian user has loggged on to as well as at what times that user has logged on to that computer over a period of time.Than...

nilesf by Engaged Sweeper
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help w report builder

I'm trying to create a report that will show me the memory, computer name, processor and operating system, easy right. I get the information i want but it shows some of the machines multiple times, once 4 every processor, I've tried to get it to dis...

dimtpa by Engaged Sweeper
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check for files.

is there an easy way to check if a file is present on a users desktop?I have added this to the 'scanned files' section.But for the report I don't know what to put. I just need to know the icon is there or not,,Thanks

Adobe Reader 9 Help

Trying to get this to show me which computers don't have Adobe Reader 9 but every time i look doesn't show any computers and i know a bunch that don't have it. What is wrong with this SQL.' This is a sample report that checks all computers if they ha...

jreimer1 by Engaged Sweeper
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