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Engaged Sweeper
Hi all. im hoping that someone can help, as Lansweeper have said that it's too complex for them to do! there is currently a built-in report showing time spent per note. this is great but I need a report that goes 1 further for KPIs.

I'd really like a report that shows average time worked on per agent per month.
The timing would need to come from the "Time worked on (states)" where I can add the states that are tracked as working time into the report.

Hope someone can help!

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I can certainly point you in the right direction.

Every state change is logged in htblhistory. In order to get the total time a ticket was in a particular state, you would have to count the time difference between the time stamp of that state and the next timestamp in the table.

While in theory this sounds simple, its not that simple to put this in an SQL query. Personally I've never tried this either, so hopefully someone with more SQL knowledge can chime in. Otherwise google is your best friend.

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