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Engaged Sweeper II

The Lansweeper reports OS: Not latest Build of Windows 10 and Server 2019 are always failing/showing in red because Lansweeper is looking for MaxOsCodeNumeric which are the Insider Preview Builds. Can you please update Lansweeper to have both the insider preview builds and the semi-annual/LTSC builds, so Lansweeper checks if a machine is an insider preview machine or on Semi-Annual/LTSC.

Or, maybe change the reports so that instead of OS: Not latest Build of Windows 10, you have two reports.

1 OS: Not latest Build of Windows 10 LTSC

2 OS: Not latest Build of Windows 10 Insider Preview

Engaged Sweeper II

Any news about this ??

This was the last reply I got from them.

Hello BetterInvesting

Thanks for getting back to us with the requested information.

To provide you with some context, the "OS: Not latest Build of Windows 20XX" reports function by finding the highest build number of a particular OS in your database and displaying all Windows computers of the relevant OS that have a lower build number. These build numbers are added to your database by scanning, but some build numbers are also built-in by Lansweeper. 

The database table that is used to store these build numbers is called tsysOS. In this case, indeed, your tsysOS table (and all Lansweeper installations on the current version) contain OS codes (or build number) that are throwing off the report. These codes are causing all other installations on a lower build number to be considered 'not the latest'. 

When researching these codes online, these codes are related to Server 2016/2019 Core-only builds. Microsoft seems to have given a higher build number to Core-only builds, which is affecting the report results of Lansweeper. To resolve the issue for now, we would recommend removing the offending build numbers from the database, however, do keep in mind that they may return when another machine is scanned and found to have this build. 

To remove the build numbers (and fix your report), please follow the steps below: 

Just to be safe, we do recommend performing a database backup prior to running any scripts. Do not skip this step. Backup instructions can be found here: https://community.lansweeper.com/t5/lansweeper-maintenance/back-up-your-installation/ta-p/64309;

  • Stop the following services: 
  • The Lansweeper server service (on all your scanning servers). 
  • The web server service on your Lansweeper web server. Your web server service is either World Wide Web Publishing Service (IIS) or IIS Express. 
  • Afterwards, open the DatabaseMaintenance.exe tool which can be found under Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Tools on your Lansweeper server or, alternatively, use SQL Server Management Studio if your Lansweeper database is hosted on SQL Server. 
  • Copy/paste the script below in the second tab labeled Script Execution, and click Execute. 
  • Restart your services.

 delete from tsysos where oscode in ('10.0.17134S', '10.0.9841S', '10.0.18362S', '10.0.18363S', '10.0.19041S', '10.0.19042S', '10.0.19043S')

For a permanent fix, we have escalated this issue to our development team. A fix should be included in one of our future releases. We recommend checking our changelog for bug ID: LAN-16177 when a new version is released to make sure this fix is included. You can enable the update check in the Lansweeper web console under Configuration > Your Lansweeper License to be notified of any new releases. 

You can find our changelog here: https://www.lansweeper.com/product/changelog

Additionally, please find attached reports from our lab environment reflecting the expected results for the OS Not latest build of Windows 11, 16, and 22.

Kind Regards,

Engaged Sweeper

It will be necessary, because the reports are allways showing in RED.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Probably best you ask this in a support ticket so they can note it in their internal system. These reports can only be updated with a version update, so its not something that can be done easily.

I've opened a ticket, but they are unable to determine what the cause is. We've rebuilt the reports and that resolved the Windows 10 reporting, but didn't do anything for the server 2019 report. We reran the Schema Upgrades, but that didn't do anything for server 2019 either. Still waiting to hear back from them after sending them Logs post-schema upgrade.

Engaged Sweeper III

Thank you for asking them to do what I was thinking about asking them. This also should be done for Windows 11 as well...


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