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Engaged Sweeper II
Good Morning,

Is there a way to determine a list of systems that have a specific file on them versus an application installed. I have been tasked with getting a count of the number of systems Utilizing OWATray instead of Outlook. OWAtray is not actually an installed application as such it does not show up as installed software. i am trying to avoid having to send tech's out to every computer in our company to get a physical count. Thanks in advance any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Honored Sweeper
Can't you just add a custom file scanning location and report on that if the file exists or not.
Engaged Sweeper
It should still have a process running. I had a differing reason for the code below but itll probably help you.

Select Top 1000 tblAssets.AssetName,
From tblAssets
Inner Join tblProcesses On tblAssets.AssetID = tblProcesses.AssetID
Where tblAssets.AssetName = 'Server/PC' And tblProcesses.Caption =

You might only need this part of where

Where tblProcesses.Caption = 'Process.exe'