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Engaged Sweeper II
In the default switch view for any switches that are discovered with SNMP, it lists the interface list and if the port is active it will list the mac address or asset tied to that port. If there are more than 2 mac addresses associated with a port LanSweeper changes the association to "Uplink". I need a report that lists all mac addresses found on each port along with any IP addresses associated with them. Is that possible? I would assume the mac addresses are all stored in a mac table somewhere.

If it IS possible, would anyone have the patience to write up a SQL query for me to use and tweak? Unfortunately I'm not a master when it comes to SQL queries and don't have the time to sit and learn it right at this moment.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Engaged Sweeper II
Thanks for your input, Jacob.

I should clarify that I do know that they're switches instead of hubs. The downside is that they're unmanaged switches.
The assets behind these unmanaged switches aren't anything that we are going to be able to pick up via scans with credentials. They are PLCs and other manufacturing related devices that aren't necessarily safe to sweep the network for. And I know that they're unmanaged switches vs anything else because we're doing full site audits for one of our customers and I have physically tracked the devices down.

So, if you're saying a hub will just give you a list of mac addresses and switches are the only thing to change to Uplink, is there a way to trigger LanSweeper to still record all mac addresses even when it's a switch on the other end to address scenarios like this where they are unmanaged switches and don't provide me any way to look at their mac tables?

Champion Sweeper
In my experience, when something switches to 'uplink' , it means there's a switch on the other side, or a router that it misreads as a switch... but generally it's a switch.

I have had five, six things on one port, and that tells me that there's a hub on that port...

and, if you see MAC addresses instead of assets you can click on, that means that you haven't successfully scanned the asset that's located on the port... in that case, I go to wireshark's OID lookup page (google it) and put in the MAC address and it tells you the manufacturer...

then, I track down SNMP credentials, use devicetester to make sure everything checks out.. and if the device doesn't support SNMP, I create a manual asset with it's current IP address, and the MAC address... and fill in the details. that way, at least if it moves around, you can track it.

Engaged Sweeper II
Nope, I'm on the newest available for download. I do see up to 3 MACs per switchport, but doesn't seem to show anything over that. And the ones I'm really hoping to see would be 5+ for any unmanaged switches that would be in place.

I'll take a look at the other query to see if that will do what I need it to do, but I did run through all the tables with references to MAC addresses and found nothing of any significance for those ports that might hold unmanaged switches.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
In my local installation does show multiple assets/MAC addresses for 1 port. Additionally, you should find it in the built-in report "Switch: Ports", which you can also find on the forum here:

Are you on an old version?