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Engaged Sweeper II

Is it possible to add inactive time to uptime monitor or perhaps a report?  Our users' machines lock after 15 minutes of idle time.  The computer shows "up" all day but that is not very useful.  It would be more beneficial to see when a pc is actually being used.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support


the uptime is based on the state of the device last time that device is scanned

It's not a real-time state 


Engaged Sweeper II

This makes it virtually impossible to use.  If it scans a computer and it is on, it will show on for 24 hours?  This means the uptime is not based on reality.  If it used the log files it could create and accurate chart.

That may be more of a live tracking software style situation, rather than an asset/inventory management piece of software like Lansweeper.  That being said, you could try looking at this thread that I replied to with some additional details.  Essentially, you would need to enable logging using either a powershell command or a gpo, then setup a report that can pull that info from the event logs the next time it scans. 

It wouldnt be something you could see on the 'uptime' section, and it wouldnt be realtime, but it may bridge the gap between two different types of software in the interim.

Personal sidenote: tracking people's minute/minute usage isnt cool.  Dunno if management is asking you to do this, or if you are management and pursuing it, but its a level of micromanagement that not a lot of folks will accept in a professional setting.  End of rant.

We are not looking for live data.  But the reality is many companies have remote users and having a means of knowing if they are working or not is real need.  On the shop floor or a room full of cubicles there are supervisors.  They are not tracking every minute of everyday, but at least have some sort of control.  With remote users you should be able to see a general overview.  

We are getting a bit off topic here, but I think there is a much wider discussion to be had regarding that level of monitoring.  I dont think Lansweeper is the tool for this usecase.  I will say that monitoring is one reason that a lot of WFH folks will disengage from the company altogether.  During the pandemic, lots of companies were trying to maintain the same level of monitoring and supervision, and it caused friction.  Software for 'idle mouse movements' started defeating basic idle monitoring.  Some companies started mandating that users be on camera in a meeting room *all of their working day* to ensure people were actually working.

Take it from an admin who left similar conditions.  I enjoyed being able to play fetch with my dogs while WFH.  Go run and errand.  Etc...  I also got my work done well and in a timely manner.  I also ended up working *longer* hours in some cases, than I did back when I was in-office.

It's a neverending back/forth, and the only end result is that you have frustrated employees polishing their resumes.  Monitoring is only a thing if you dont trust employees, and if they arent getting work done, then monitoring is the least of your worries.  If they *ARE* getting their work done, then it shouldnt matter if they take 30 minutes to go mow the lawn in the middle of their work day.

Again, just my 2cents.  

TL:DR: Lansweeper isnt the tool you are looking for in this case.

No offense but I would really rather get some useful technical information.  My concern is the thread is already off the rails and discouraging others.

No offense taken, sorry for muddying the waters.  End result:  Lansweeper isnt the tool for this.