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Engaged Sweeper II

Hi All,

Lenovo Assets Warranty scan issues with "Parsing error: Cannot parse ''" with Lansweeper But HP assets warranty scan status is normal. Anyone have the same issue?😅

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

When facing warranty issues, we would recommend the following steps:

  • Double-check all of the troubleshooting steps in this knowledge base article:
  • Double-check that there are no firewalls, proxies, anti-virus software packages, or other processes in your network that are preventing the Lansweeper Server service from reaching the Internet and retrieving the warranty information. Check that your Lansweeper scanning server has full Internet access. We recommend consulting your network admin and double-checking that nothing is blocking access.

If the above steps do not resolve your issue, we would recommend reaching out to tech support:

When submitting a support case, please provide us with the following information:

We recommend compressing these files into an archive (zip/rar/7z) prior to sending them to drastically reduce their size.

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