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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

There are several reasons that we are releasing API V2 including Lansweeper API V1 was not able to expose all asset information through the API, asset properties exposed were often empty or never sent through webhooks.

Lansweeper API V2 comes with many new benefits, some of which are have listed below.

  • We now have a dedicated API backend. This makes it more stable, faster and will reduce the number of future changes required. API V2 will be backward compatible.
  • It is easier to understand. The field names are clearer and more logical as we have reorganized the entire system to make it easier to find the data you want while also removing redundant and duplicate data.
  • Expanded coverage. With this new system, we can start adding more exciting data, like Asset/User/Software relationships, custom fields, and more!
  • The connection endpoint will be changed, the new connection URL will be: 

Please reach out to us at (or leave a comment here) if you would like a copy of our Impact Analysis document for API V2. This document summarises all the changes made to API V2, all the properties exposed, and all the descriptions of those properties. Included in the Impact Analysis document is a migration checklist for you to be able to prepare to migrate your application from V1 to V2. To discuss any of these changes or let us know how we can help you migrate, please also reach out.

Engaged Sweeper

I would love a copy of the documentation.

Hey, Could I ask that you email me at
Thats the easiest way for me to be bale to send you the document.

Champion Sweeper II

Sounds great! I’d like a copy of the document!

Thanks Kevin, could you email me at then I can reply there with the document