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Engaged Sweeper
Hi all,

We have a bunch of network devices which automatically upload a copy of the configuration every time a change in the configuration is commitment. Today we upload it to a FTP server, but it would be nice to get these files automatically in the Lansweeper-GUI to collect all information at one place.

I know of the way of manually uploading documents through the web-gui but as you can imagine we would not want to do this manually every time, but find an automatic way to do this. Anyone have any tips or own setups to facilitate this? It would be awesome if you could save the files in a folder named the same as the asset under %install location%\website\docs as the configuration files are saved with a standard format of "configuration_[date][time].conf" so there would be no conflict if they were just uploaded to the same place. Uploading to a folder and Lansweeper picking it up automatically from there would be neat as you would not need any funny scripts needed to rename and perform 10 tasks for it to work.

Best regards