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SQL 2000 supported?

I installed database part of Lansweeper 3.0 on SQL server 2000 and got errors as follows:************************************************************** Build Database Objects and Populate with Data **********************************************...

JanDr by Engaged Sweeper
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service crash when SQL server not available

Hello,this morning we found that during the night the sql2005 server stopped working.We also found that lansweeper service stopped working, probably because it couldn't reach the sql server, no event log present.Obviously the service shall not stop/c...

tuvita by Engaged Sweeper
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print the reports

i want to ask, how to print the software report directly from lansweeper?thanx b4:w)

rosky by Engaged Sweeper
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Can't get website to work

Followed install to the letter, but cannot get the website to open - HTTP error 403 forbiddenI can browse to, but not Have completed every step. Have tried 4 times, same every time. Am using VMWare, Windows 200...

nuttyboy by Engaged Sweeper
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Add username as a search criteria for Computer Search

Not really a custom action, but.... I need to search on the username in the computer table. I also want to see the username when the search results are returned.2 mods were required (nothing was broken..yet...):1) Tell the search stored procedure to ...

76012 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Remote systems on domains in other forests?

I realize its called LANsweeper, but I was wondering if there was anyway to add support for remote sites that weren't in the domain? We manage the networks of multiple unconnected sites.

at by Engaged Sweeper
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Problem with create db via setup.bat

HiSystem info: Win 2003 server SP2 ( name: mercury ) MSSQL Express 2005Problem:When I create db via SQL Script\setup.bat SQLServer mercury\SQLExpress sa sapasswordsystem generate this errors:LansweeperPro Database Setup -------------------------...

horkysta by Engaged Sweeper
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