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Engaged Sweeper
Hi Lansweeper Gurus,

I am hoping somebody can help me with this - I've tried reading the available documentation for an answer, but can't find one.

I have changed the following option on our scanning server...
Set computers to non-active if not seen in the last (90) days
... from enabled to disabled.

I also have the following options enabled:
Set computers to non-active if disabled in active directy
Set computers to non-active if not found in active directory
Automatically make non-active computers active when they are rescanned

I was hoping that after changing the 'not seen' setting, computers that had not been seen for 90 days, but still exist and aren't disabled in active directory would change from 'non-active' to 'active' the next time they were attempted to be scanned.

It turns out that this is only the case if the computers can indeed be scanned (i.e. they are alive on the network).

What is the easiest way for me to make active again all of the computers that are not 'alive', have not been seen for the 90 days, but DO exist in active directory?

Is there something simple like a way to mark all computers as 'active' again?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Engaged Sweeper
Fantastic, thanks for your help.
Lansweeper Alumni
nickfriday wrote:
Is there something simple like a way to mark all computers as 'active' again?

Execute the script below in your Lansweeper configuration console under Lansweeper\Database Scripts. This sets all computers to "active".

update tblCompCustom set state = 1

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