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Engaged Sweeper
I have a scenario where I need to push out an update to some software that I need to schedule to run several times to ensure I get all the systems.

The issue I have is I don't want to roll the update to all systems every time, just want to roll it to the ones that don't have it yet.

So I figured - easy just set a condition to check the File version lower than 9.5 and we should be golden. Didn't work as it could not find the file. This is a 64 bit system and for an example the file is C:\Program Files (x86)\MyApp\MyFile.exe.

So I said, OK maybe it isn't reading the file version properly, let's just see if it exists. Same result. So I then took out the version and file check and just ran the Deployment to update the software. Works flawlessly.

So how do I get Lansweeper to check the version of the file? I have tried ever iteration of file path I can think of in quotes, out of quotes, with the trailing \ and without it.

Thanks in advance!