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Engaged Sweeper

We are considering lansweeper as replacement to our old ocs server (lansweeper is really cool, and really not expensive: although ocs was free, it lacks really some things..)

I have a few questions:

- What about restricting access to the web interface? Is it possible to have an authentication at that poing?

- What about deleting computers? Is it possible to do it from the web interface?

- How does lansweeper handle the following situation: a computer with a serial abcd is recorded, then we remove it from our ad, and rebuild a new computer: is this going to create a second record, or replace the previous one?

Lansweeper Alumni
Our apologies, we had not gotten to your question yet.

- As you have found, web console access can be restricted by making some configuration changes to your web server and then adding your allowed groups to a Lansweeper file.

- Computers cannot currently be deleted through the web console. You can delete them through the configuration console however, under Lansweeper\Scanned Computers. Select the computer and hit the "Delete" button.
In Lansweeper version 5 you will be able to delete computers through the web console, as the current web and configuration console will be merged into a single website. We do not yet have a release date for Lansweeper 5.0.

- Lansweeper uses the combination domain/computer name, not the serial number, as unique identifier for computers. So if you remove a computer from your network and re-add it, its Lansweeper webpage will simply be updated if it still has the same name.
Engaged Sweeper

I did some digging:

For the restrictions, worked perfectly.

For the computer deletion, I found out how to automate it in the options (according to the AD status of the computers)