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Engaged Sweeper

i searched every post I could find relating to Office deployment, but didn't find a solution for deploying Version 2013 standard MAK. I found a package for 2010 with OCT. I created an adminfile with OCT activation but whatever I try it doesn't install on the remote machine. Lansweeper log says deployment completed sucessfull, but nothing was installed. What I used were those steps:

condition exists
{PackageShare}\Installers\MS Office\Office2013\setup.exe

"{PackageShare}\Installers\MS Office\Office2013\setup.exe" /adminfile "{PackageShare}\Installers\MS Office\Office2013\x86\updates\adminfile.msp" 

for deployment I used a read and execute only account and for setup the domain-admin account. I don't know what's the actual problem cause the only logs I see tell me Result: Deployment ended: Successfully finished.(Stop:Successful) and the used credentials... Are there any more detailed logs or does anyone have a package or idea how to do that?