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Champion Sweeper
In our environment there are hundreds of machines with the free SQL Server 200x Express installed on them and there are also a smaller number of purchased SQL Server 200x Standard, Developer, Enterprise, etc...

What I have found is all the versions are grouped together under the main software name, "Microsoft SQL Server 2005" for example. There are version numbers for the other SQL components but not that one. Is is possible to discover which install is which version? Instance names don't matter.
Lansweeper Alumni
Microsoft has made it extremely difficult to recover edition info (Enterprise, Express etc.). There are only a few ways to do it, which are described here. These methods cannot be replicated by Lansweeper and hence Lansweeper cannot scan edition info.

When it comes to version numbers: if no version was retrieved during software scanning, you could possibly do a custom file scan of an executable. However, it might be difficult to find one that is present in the same location on all machines.