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Engaged Sweeper III
Wishlist requests...

1. Allow an email sent to all agents of team, regardless of whether it's assigned. There are times, such as IT Change Control tickets, when I want everyone on my team emailed status updates to keep everyone in the loop. Additionally, I want my entire team informed of new IT Support helpdesk tickets created. This would likely require the following auto-reply options.
- Ticket creation (sent to all agents of team)
- State change (sent to all agents of team)
- User update (sent to all agents of team)
- Agent update (sent to all agents of team)

2. Allow an email when another agent assigns a ticket to me, but not when I assign a ticket to myself. When I click the "Pick up" button it sends an email to me. I've tried tweaking some options with the emails and settings (gear icon), but I can't seem to get it tweaked to only send when another agent assigns to me. It's possible I'm not getting the right mix here and this is actually possible. if not, maybe create the following auto-reply options.
- Agent assigned / subscribed by other agent (sent to agent)