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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi there, I have lansweeper premium and we are scanning around 112 workgroups at remote sites by IP. Most of these are working but i have a problem with 4 remote machines.
When i scan the IP ranges the scanner acts as if the remote machiens IP is dead, but if i ping the IP i get a reply.
basically the IP's never get from the IP scan queue to the in process queue.
I have even disabled the firewall on the remote machiens but always the same.
Anyone got any thoughts?

Engaged Sweeper II
Hi, managed to solve it this AM. had to rebuild WMI on the machiens. Strange though as WMI failures used to be added to the list but not scanned.

Oh well. Chalk it up to experience 🙂

Thanks for the reply.
Lansweeper Alumni
Can you send the output of the device tester and connection tester to this machine.