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Engaged Sweeper II
For our helpdesk to utilize the internal knowledgebase it would be very useful to somehow limit the search to a category.

Currently when you search the knowledgebase the results return from all categories as long as the keyword matches. The problem is that they are not categorized when they are displayed, so this view is somewhat unhelpful when you have thousands of articles that may contain a keyword.

Instead, perhaps underneath the search box there can be a dropbox with options to restrict the search to a particular category or all categories if needed.

As an example we use two different categories for our help desk 1) Troubleshooting 2) Installation Guides.

These articles fill two unique needs, but both show up in the search results with no indication of what category they are from. So unless the title of the article or the sentence fragment that is displayed is specific enough, the helpdesk has no way of telling if the result is for troubleshooting or installation.

As an alternative, perhaps a filter can be added to the knowledgebase results window so that manually filtering the results to a category is an option if prefiltering is problematic.

Thanks for your consideration on this option!


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