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Engaged Sweeper II
I run Lansweeper across multiple sites and unfortunately the very same subnet (x.y.100.0/24) is present on more than one site (network renumbering will happen but not in the near future, many months at least).

This creates issues when deploying because only one 'Package Share' can be set for a location (delpoyment->security options->ip address range locations) but what I have is the same subnet in 2 different locations with different window domains and different server names hence a single entry does not fit (cannot change server name).

This would not be an issue if the server name could be set as a token, like {PackageShare} path is in installers.
In my setup the actual server name is the name of the scan server; the scan server's name should be placed into the 'package share' path, something like:

Is this possible?
Are there any alternative solutions to handle the same subnet on different sites when dealing with delpoyment?