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Engaged Sweeper III

just created an agent only user, let's say name is Phil (AD. Goal is Phil takes care of certain type of tickets, like ERP, but nothing else. So I created team "ERP" and added Phil to this team. Created ticket type ERP and set default agent to Phil.

Now Phil gets an email telling there is a new ticket, but he can't access ticket in Lansweeper. So I logged in and found ticket is not assigned to Phil. Assigned ticket to Phil. Now Phil can access ticket from email link, but ticket is not shown in Phil's Lansweeper dashboard. But still Phil can't do anything with the ticket, except write comments etc. but he is not able to close a ticket and such management tasks.

In the agent profile Phil belongs to is most of the helpdesk permission allowed (leaving out delete tickets) but "Allow full access to all tickets regardless of team or type" is not on. Phil has no Admin rights or anything selected in the Access Asset Management section.

How should I set rights and setting so that Phil actually can do something useful with the tickets regarding ERP?