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Engaged Sweeper
There is one minor change i would love to see happening in Lansweeper is to have the option to use the Recent Changes tool but for a single computer. It would help us keep track of what changed on a specific computer. I know we can do it using the reports and via an Excel export, this is what we are currently doing but having the possibility to just do it while looking at the software installed on the computer would be a real time saver for us.

If we can push that idea even further and have some filtering option like per date or per software it would even be better. We are working in a controlled environment here and need to know what is installed and when, we must also be able to know which software version was installed at a specific date in time.

Thank you, keep on your nice work guys, we love your product.

Lansweeper Alumni
Please try the 4.1 beta for this.

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