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Engaged Sweeper
We tried out LanSweeper by installing it on a regular PC. After testing it for a couple of weeks, we went ahead and purchased the enterprise version. The license was then installed on the that PC. We then went ahead, following the documented instructions, and migrated Lansweeper (Service, Database, and Web) to a regular server. The license is showing properly on the Lansweeper console and the "expires date" is a year from now, as I would expect.

Everything seemed to be working properly except that the Rescan and Full Rescan icons on the webconsole (located on the device/computer page) continue to point to the old scan server now that we have migrated to a new scanning server. I have re-read the instructions for migrating the server and verified that I performed all of the steps in the order documented. I have also searched through the data base looking for where the information that is passed to that link might be stored but have found nothing.

I then went to reinstall the webconsole, but it is only giving me the option to do a full install which requires that I uninstall everything. The advanced radio button which would allow to install just the web piece is not available.

So I guess there are actually 2 things that need resolution.

Lansweeper Alumni
Problem resolved through email.