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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi Everyone

Users AD scanning doesn't update Direct Manager field. User changed manager and there is no update after scanning AD
Other attributes like eg. title are updated but Direct Manager not

How can I update this field in Lansweeper?

I read other post and I did as below and no changes:

To resolve it, do the following:
Navigate to Scanning\Scanning Targets
Remove any domain controllers under Active Directory Preferred Domain Controller
Navigate to Configuration\Server Options
Under User Cleanup Options, enable Refresh Active Directory user details (Department, telephone,... ) in the Lansweeper database.
Restart your Lansweeper service in services.msc (this will force the cleanup options to take affect).
Rescan your Active Directory User Path scanning target.
Engaged Sweeper II
It's working now. I was not patient enough.
Thank you for your reply.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Have you restarted the Lansweeper service and updated to the latest Lansweeper version?