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Engaged Sweeper
I have upgraded my web server and scan servers to the latest lansweeper 6022 version but still have issues with the state showing on my desktops. even though the scan settings should set pc's to non-active after 30 days of not being seen they are not changing state.

Any ideas ? Last seen may say april 2016 but still the PC shows as active ?
Engaged Sweeper
I am having the same issue here.

I am on version, which is the latest as of Nov 3, 2016.

Server options state to set assets to non active if not seen for 30 days.

The only computers that have recently been set to inactive are ones that are subject to this option (which is enabled) - Set computers to non-active if disabled in Active Directory.

I still see dead machines showing up in reports where I have 'Where tblAssetCustom.State = 1'

Assets that should be inactive DO NOT have the 'Not affected by cleanup options' box checked.