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Engaged Sweeper
In addition to the system serial number/service tag, we barcode our assets with an internal asset ID. This shows up in a WMI query as System Chassis\SMBIOSAssetTag. We can get to this information on an asset by going to the hardware information page, but I would like it to display on the main asset page.

Is there any way to link it to either the barcode field, or to make a custom field display SMBIOSAssetTag without hand keying it into the assets?
Engaged Sweeper III

Please add this as a request under my name as well. We have 10000 company assets tagged with our own specific numbers and this is stopping us from migrating to Lansweeper completely. We need the ability to search for and see the asset tag on the asset properties page. It should be simple to turn on/off this functionality for displaying custom fields on the asset page. Further more, I believe an actual asset_tag field should be created rather than forcing us to use a custom field. Most organizations have custom asset tags.
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to customize the main asset page, so manually adding the value from the SMBIOSAssetTag to one of the asset custom fields would be the only workaround currently.

We've already received similar requests from our user base to add a customization feature for the main asset page, and as such, it was added to our customer wish list. We have noted your forum post to add weight to this. Features on our customer wish list get development priority based on a combination of customer demand and difficulty to implement. As such we aren't able to guarantee that this feature will be implemented or provide you with an estimated release date at this time.