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Engaged Sweeper
I am working to setup custom response templates, to be used when agents close ticket requests. I see in the template design screen that the following variables are available (%USERNAME% , %USERCOMPANY% , %USEREMAIL% , %AGENTNAME% , %AGENTEMAIL%) - but there are additional fields in the ticket itself that I'd like to reference, i.e. Ticket Number, Open / Close Date and Time, in order to provide a clear response to our users.

I have found a few mentions of different ways to reference variables, but none of them work. Are we not able to insert more details than the 5 variables mentioned above?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Engaged Sweeper
I actually raised a support case with Lansweeper and got the following reply... (but it doesn't look like it is supported in the way that I was hoping to use it).


Hi Brian,

Thank you for using Lansweeper.

The variables you're referring to apply to manual templates, which are indeed limited to the five options mentioned in your e-mail.

However, based on what you're looking to accomplish, you could add automated templates under Configuration/Email Settings. In the Outgoing E-mail templates section of that page, you can set up several automated e-mail templates. The variables that you can add to these automated templates are more extensive than the variables for manual templates..

Engaged Sweeper II
I'm pretty curious about this as well. Hoping there is a way to get more then those in here.

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