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Engaged Sweeper

When I look at all the software listed for my organization, it shows the total scanned assets with that software detected, but it isn't accurate. When I click on the link to show me all assets witht that software, it will list assets that don't have that software installed anymore. The software listing for the specific asset also does NOT show that software installed. So why is it showing it the the master corporate software list as installed?

Engaged Sweeper

Thanks for the response, but the scanned item interval is not the issue. The interval for software is set to 1 day. The assets are being successfully scanned on a regular basis, and the software listed for every individual asset is correct. I've checked the computers hands-on. However, when I look at the overall software report for the company it show all those assets as having software installed that they don't have. 

Engaged Sweeper III

I have noticed similar results where I have pulled up the master list of Windows Software and clicked through to see the assets where a particular application is installed, only to discover (on the asset's software details) that the particular item wasn't installed on that device. I expect this is what you are experiencing.

Do you have software history enabled? e.g.:


Based on how the associated tables (i.e. tblSoftware, tblSoftwareUni and tblSoftwareHist) are related, I'm hypothesizing that having software history enabled may be skewing the results in these built-in reports. It's possible it may be showing some historical relationships. This is all based on very little research into the issue, so take what you want from it.

I would highly suggest opening a ticket with support on the issue, and hopefully getting more details on what data these screens are actually pulling. If they do provide an explanation, please post the details back here so we can all learn!

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support


When Lansweeper scans an asset, it will not always retrieve all information. As not all computer information changes often, Lansweeper uses scanned item intervals to determine which information needs to be refreshed at which time. 


More information on how to configure scanned item intervals can be found in the article below.