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All Software found in Organization vs. asset scanned

When I look at all the software listed for my organization, it shows the total scanned assets with that software detected, but it isn't accurate. When I click on the link to show me all assets witht that software, it will list assets that don't have ...

mcclureco by Engaged Sweeper
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Asset Management Types

Good morning,I am struggling to understand how I can group assets by type (laptop, desktop, server, thin client, etc.). If I try to change Asset Type from 'Windows' to Laptop (or Desktop), LS throws an error that I cannot change the Windows type. Rig...

SJ3ff by Engaged Sweeper
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Logout disabled users automatically

Hi guys,I've done a bit of testing with disabling users. It seems like a user is able to keep doing everything in LS even if the user has been disabled. At least when the user is already logged in when it gets disabled. This seems to be a big pain po...

MarcoZ by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! non-active assets showing in default reports

Not sure if im just misusing the 'state' status. We started syncing to Lansweeper online to provide vulnerability reports. But one big annoyance for reports on our setup is they generally include both 'active' and 'non-active' assets. If i create a c...

Resolved! Lansweeper cloud invite not sending

I created a service account with an email and added it to Lansweeper cloud through the account management tab.  I assign the roles and click send invite, but the email never makes it.  It is not being blocked by Mimecast, it is not being blocked by M...

Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management Assets

We recently published an integration application for Jira AssetsLansweeper App for Jira Service Management Assets We have found an issue, we have identified the root cause, we are currently working on a fix, and we will publish the new version of the...

Resolved! Lansweeper Cloud Sync not working after update to v.

I was delighted to see that non-http2 proxy support has been added.The changelog statesAdded: LAN-15705 Added non-http2 proxy support to sync with the cloud.Changed: LAN-14935 Extended proxy support for cloud sync.Yet, I still get the same errors as ...

ThoKl by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Need Help Hiding Certain Assets In Report

Hi, I have a report to show assets not yet approved by our CM team. We have a custom field called Function that we have used to identify a device's purpose as well as note those that are not approved on our network.When I try to filter out those mark...

PapaTuck by Engaged Sweeper II
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Helpdesk Service does not create ticket

Hi!I'm quite new to the forum so i hope this thread is in the right location:My problem is as follows:We use Lansweeper Helpdesk/Ticketing Service for several months now. But there are some issues, that some incoming ticket mails are not automaticall...