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Engaged Sweeper

Lately, whenever I deploy several packages in Lansweeper on to a machine (one after the other), Lansweeper will try to deploy previously successfully deployed packages before trying to deploy the one I just tasked.

For example:
I just set up a new notebook for a user and want to manually deploy a few programs via LS packages.

First I'll deploy, let's say, 7-zip..... everything works fine. And as soon as I get the message "Result: Deployment Ended" in the "Deployments" tab of the notebook asset, I task the package for the next SW I need, for instance Google Chrome. Then a new entry in the "Deployments"-Tab for the previously successful 7-zip package will appear at the same time as the entry for the entry for the package for Chrome, which will the say "Deployment paused for 5 min, we are already deploying on this asset". Once the 7-zip package is successful, it will start the Chrome package.

When I task a 3rd package, Lansweeper does the 1st and 2nd ones again before the 3rd.... and so on....

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance for any help.