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Engaged Sweeper
Right now, if someone emails, Lansweeper will create a Helpdesk ticket.

I want to know if it is possible to create a second incoming email ( and have it create a ticket for a completely separate group of people.

In the end, there would be two sets of Helpdesk tickets: one for IT, and one for DEVOPS.

I would also have to make it where no user on the DEVOPS team could see or alter any tickets from the IT team.

It does not matter if IT sees the DEVOPS tickets, as they are all Lansweeper admins anyway.

Engaged Sweeper II
As suggested by StevoCamaro you can do that with the ticket dispatching rules.
First you might need to add a second email address to the configuration, still under:
Configuration -> E-mail Settings

I configured the dispatching rule to act with these conditions:
To Email - Like -

Under Actions:
Set ticket type
Assign to team

Note that the dispatching rules are issued in order, this means that if an email is sent to both addresses simultaneously it will create 2 tickets under the first type/team triggered by the dispatching rules.

Engaged Sweeper III
Under Config>Email Settings>Ticket Dispatching rules, you could set the incoming email addresses to route to the different teams types.

Engaged Sweeper
As it's been almost 10 days without so much as a reply, I am left to wonder ... does Lansweeper monitor this forum? Or is it only for an exchange among users?