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Engaged Sweeper II
I am trying to add two Cisco UCS Interconnects. I have several others that were added with no issues. However, I have two UCS Chassis that one is named PBISFXCLM010 and the other is PBISFXCLM020. PBISFXCLM020 I was able to add both the Interconnects (PBISFXCLM020-Interconnect-A, and Interconnect-B) with no issues.

When I try adding the Interconnects for PBISFXCLM010, and scan them (because they are new assets), the scan runs, then I get a box that says the asset cannot be found. I go in and look and they are no where to be found (PBISFXCLM010-Interconnect-A and PBISFXCLM010-Interconnect-B). Their IP's and MAC addresses are totally different than the PBISFXCLM020 items, however, it seems that Lansweeper thinks they are all related somehow and merges them together.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Dave LaFleur