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Engaged Sweeper
I had difficult times to get one of my secondary LS server updated to the last LS release. In the end the issue was about, for some reason th SQL server was wrongly defined when all my other secondary LS servers were OK.
Now I can scan my IP range as previously but I get most (not all) my assets with status inactive when actually the scan was done. They get the correct 'last seen' and 'last scan' date.
Any idea? Thanks.
Engaged Sweeper
I think we've got the same problem after upgrade to
A lot of non-active PCs, although they are active (ping is ok)
We don't work with LSAgent, only AD scanning.
I discovered in the tab Comments, that the device seems to change the name from Netbios Domain name to DNS Domain name. At the next scanning back to Netbios and so on. We didn't have this before.