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Engaged Sweeper
Hello All -
Looking for some tips. I've been experimenting with Lansweeper the last several days and love the features.

The ultimate goal for us was to be able to have a user account selected > Add assets > Scan items (either bar or QR code scanner) and populate list of assets for said user. I believe this is something I can accomplish, however I've been unable to test properly because I cannot import my user groups from AD. Unfortunately, my group is doing a self contained test and the powers above don't even want a simple LDAP scan performed (don't ask, i've already fought this).

Anyhow, can I generate users any other way in LanSweeper? I saw some notes about possibliy edditing tlbADusers table and inserting test users directly from sql? I may need some guidance if this is the case.

Again > Goal:
Select User
Use QR code or Bar scanner and scan several items (ding monitor, ding laptop, ding iPad) and associate these items back to the user.

I'm also looking into the best way to check in items and check out items from stock. And decide on the best logic to make this all work.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

This is my first time attempting to work with the software or the logic behind managing an asset management system. All help is appreciated.
Engaged Sweeper
Also --
I'm struggling to find where I can actually execute SQL scripts to do an insert.
I found the area for reports, but it doesn't seem I can execute scripts there.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Generally speaking in Lansweeper, you do the opposite of your logic. You scan all devices over the network, then link users to them.


The QR-code option within Lanswepeer is designed to provide people with more information about a device it is attached to. That way you can walk up to a machine, scan the QR code and view the Lansweeper page with all of the data.

As for test users, all you can do is indeed insert them into the database if you can't scan them. Do note that Lansweeper will still scan Local users when you scan computers. But these will obviously not have the same amount of detail as with AD users.

tblADusers does hold most of the information so you could insert them into that table. https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_insert.asp

As for stock devices, it is best you use asset states to do this: https://www.lansweeper.com/knowledgebase/creating-using-and-changing-asset-states/#heading2
Engaged Sweeper
We are actually not using any scan functionality. We are working with the Service Desk and want this to be self contained. We are aware that this will require a lot of upkeep and heavy lift.

Any suggestions on this?

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