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Engaged Sweeper

MailTester works sucessfully but on the email account page, I get a never ending "Incoming mail error: Processing client & authentication token error." when configuring with the same permissions, its almost as though it doesn't take the gcc high endpoint like the mailtester does. I just updated hoping this would resolve the issue but it does not... I'm at a loss, and I cannot open a fricken ticket cause it will not send me a confirmation to confirm my account or match my account to my email. This is driving me insane!

Does anyone have any advice or thoughts?

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hi @sem-sol 

You should be able to open a ticket in the Support portal even with that issue. The confirmation email is sent to the email address you enter. If you have that email address configured in another mail client or can access it on a web client, you can confirm your account.

Troubleshooting this issue should be done via a support ticket, as we need connection logs and details for both Lansweeper and MSGraph

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