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Engaged Sweeper II

Suddenly, i cant create new knowledgebase articles. Our helpdesk trial recently ran out, is it related to creating new knowledgebase articles? Instead of the "new article" button on the knowledgebase page, there is now "New Ticket"..

My user is an Administrator+Agent, but an inactive agent due to trial expiration of the helpdesk feature. The Knowledgebase rights are set to my team, of which i am a member+teamleader.
Engaged Sweeper II
Ah, you are correct - i never saw the add article button on the knowledgebase options page, i always used the one that is now replaced by new ticket button on the knowledgebase site.

Champion Sweeper III
These things are indeed related. If you're not an active agent then teams and agent-specific permissions have no effect, and you'll be considered a regular user. You'll still be able to add and edit knowledgebase articles on the Knowledgebase -> Knolwedgebase Options page (given you have the Edit Configuration permission).