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This might be already answered question, but I didnt find it. So in my company (bank in EU), we are trying to move to Cloud. Because of so many strict policies everything is a bit complicated. When data going from local lansweeper server and synchronise scanned data including usernames, ip addressed, computer names to Cloud. Is that data enrypted on EU servers or how does that work (cloud relay service would obviously be disabled since data doesnt go to USA).


Thank you in advance,



Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

In addition to the advice of @Mercedes_O 

We would recommend visiting our trust center for more information regarding security and compliance:

Should you still have questions about security and compliance after visiting our trust center, don't hesitate to contact our security team directly, as they are best suited to answer your questions.

Our security team can be contacted via email:

Community Manager
Community Manager

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