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Champion Sweeper
I may be missing out on this, but how do you delete notes from a ticket? I am listed as an administrator so I would think I could do it but I cannot figure it out. It seems that even users who created the notes cannot do this.
Engaged Sweeper II
I agree, I ran into this same issue on 5/3 (Delete Notes on Help Desk Ticket). Ended up deleting the contents, leaving the shell of the note. Definitely not ideal. It makes sense if there is a concern on losing history, but a soft delete as jwood mentions seems like a good idea. Just sort of hiding it from view, perhaps then having a link at the bottom showing "Hidden notes..." that when clicked would expand to show the full notes that were hidden, by whom and when.

Effectively getting them out of the way, but allowing review at a later time if necessary.
Champion Sweeper
Thank you for your reply. I would certainly like to see this functionality, even if it is some sort of "soft delete". We had someone accidentally put a note on the wrong work order and they could not remove it later.
Champion Sweeper III
This is currently not possible on the website. You can remove the text inside the note by editing it, but the note itself cannot be removed. You could theoretically remove the note directly from the database, but this is not advised.

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