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Engaged Sweeper II

2 days ago I installed the latest version of Lansweeper (
Since then I do have issues with the mail handling.

It doesn't pick up the mails that are in the monitored mailbox.

If I restart the service manually it does create the tickets, but no mails are being sent to the end-user.
This is pretty much the same for notes that are added to the ticket and on closure.

We do use MS Graph and no the app key was not expired, I created a new one anyway because it would expire in a few weeks.

Engaged Sweeper II

Some additional information.
When I restart the lansweeper service, it will handle the mails in the mailbox and create the tickets.
However no mails are being sent to the end-user. Th email disappears from the Inbox and the mail is moved to the Helpdesk_Archive folder. 
But as soon as all mails are handled, it doesn't do anything anymore.