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Ping specific IP

hey everyone, I am wanting to ping a specific IP address that does not have an agent. I have set it as an IP Range and set a single IP. My question is where can I find the results of this specific scan that I setup?The scan looks like it is running, ...

gflure by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper Connection Test Emails

We just upgraded to version v. when the lansweeperservice runs we get an email every minute.In C:\Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\errorlog.txt we are getting the following.2020-04-13 09:36:48,178 [29] ERROR Unhandled exceptionSys...

Can I change which Unique ID is used by Asset types?

I'm just diving in to organizing our Assets into groups, and I keep running into walls with duplicates or an Asset that ends up in the wrong group because its IP has changed. Domain Computers are using the hostname, which is fine. I found a breakout ...

mrdisco by Engaged Sweeper II
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Issues with Wake on lan

Hi,sorry for my english i'm french.When I use the Wake on lan in "asset option" of a computer nothing happens.But if I go to a cmd and launch:C:\Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Actions\wol.exe "MAC address" this starts.the problem came after the migr...

Christophe by Engaged Sweeper II
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Dell warranty lookup error

Hi All,I have a N-1 install of LS, I only saw the update today. I am having issues with the Dell warranty lookup. I have confirmed the host has access to the internet and I have added my details to the proxy config in LS. Still I am seeing warranty s...

Russell by Engaged Sweeper
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Workstation: Antivirus Expired Report

I'm using the built in Workstation: Antivirus Expired Report but getting some invalid returned data. I've removed other AV solutions from the system under Software/Anti-Virus Software and left our AV solutions in there. PCs are being scanned and re...

CVannest by Engaged Sweeper III
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Toner Levels Missing

I have 5 printers on my network. LANSweeper has discovered all of them and categorized them as printers. However, it is only showing very limited information and not show any of the toner levels. While troubleshooting, I scanned one of the printer...

brodiemac2 by Champion Sweeper
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