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Engaged Sweeper
Is there a way that I can add a button to the submit a ticket interface that the user can click on it and it takes a screen shot of the desktop that can be inserted into the ticket?
Champion Sweeper III
This is not possible since the website is forbidden to access anything on the user's computer, unless you've added a plugin or extension specifically for this job. It is however possible (for web browsers which are up to date) to take a printscreen and paste it immediately to the text editor (Ctrl + v). You can also make a snippit with Windows' Snipping Tool (Windows 7 and up) or any other similar tool found online and immediately paste that to the editor.

Not as pretty as a button, but this for example should do the trick:
  • Windows button + d to go to the desktop
  • Printscreen
  • Windows button + d to open all windows again
  • Select the editor
  • Press Ctrl + p to paste the screenshot