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Ping specific IP

hey everyone, I am wanting to ping a specific IP address that does not have an agent. I have set it as an IP Range and set a single IP. My question is where can I find the results of this specific scan that I setup?The scan looks like it is running, ...

gflure by Engaged Sweeper
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Dynamic Group Setup

How do I create a dynamic group for:Physical Servers OnlyAll ServersDNS ServersDHCP ServersHYPER-V ServersDomain ControllersVirtual Servers

cfizz34 by Engaged Sweeper
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Restoring Lansweeper

I have a problem with where my Lansweeper installation is and this would be the hosting server, the database is on the a different server. I want to update my current version of Lansweeper v. so i can use the newer cloud function but I'a...

kaos29205 by Engaged Sweeper
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Issues Azure scan missing assest

Hello everyone,My name is Adrien, I work for a large company and we have been using Lansweeper for 3 years, but for a few weeks we’ve been having problems.I will briefly describe our infrastructure. Our infrastructure is divided into two main parts (...

a_bonnin by Engaged Sweeper
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Missing assest

hello i add a range to be scan to 254 i see some assets to appear but user pc are not listed do you know what can be the issue ?

kerm007 by Engaged Sweeper
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Migrate Lansweeper to another host

I need to move my Lansweeper from one host to another host. I have a few questions before I start the migration. 1. Can I using back the old Lansweeper name on the new host after the migration is completed? Is there any impact? 2. If cannot be done, ...

Alan_LS by Engaged Sweeper II
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change lsagent

All managed machines are controlled with cloud relay service, for various reasons now I have had to reinstall everything on another new server. I have a new LsAgent but after the change on the PC, it continues to send information to the old

Stefano by Engaged Sweeper
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